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Louisiana Seafood Industry

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Louisiana Fisheries Forward is working to provide a birds-eye view of the seafood industry, including economic status and trends, fisheries management and the regulatory process, and the ecological significance of commercial fishing to Louisiana’s economy.

The seafood industry in Louisiana has an economic impact of over $2.4 billion annually.  Our fluid coastline of bayous, wetlands, rivers and marshes is fed by the Mississippi River basin; water from more than 1.2 million square miles roars across 31 states to end up here . . . creating the perfect cradle for hundreds of species of fish and shellfish.

As we continue to add information, visit the resource links below for more information on the business of seafood.

Enjoy this video, The Telling Tide, from Louisiana Sea Grant; the official LFF videos on regulatory management, economic status and trends, and the cultural and historical significance of LA seafood are in the works.

GET INVOLVED!  LDWF encourages public participation throughout the management process to not only ensure stakeholders’ interests are considered but also to ensure they understand the regulatory process and resulting management actions. LDWF has established several task forces made up of commercial and recreational fishing constituents to review fisheries issues and discuss management alternatives.The Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission meetings and our regulatory process provide and encourage opportunities for public input as well.

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