Artificial Reef Program


Proposed Artificial Reef Planning Areas

The Louisiana Artificial Reef Program created offshore ‘planning areas’ along with a Louisiana Artificial Reef Plan in 1987. The Program creates most of its reef sites in these planning areas, the ‘large pink boxes’ in the map at right.

In the 1990s, the Louisiana Artificial Reef Program amended the Louisiana Artificial Reef Plan to allow the program to take advantage of unusual opportunities to create reef sites outside of the planning areas, referred to as Special Artificial Reef Sites, or SARS.

Also, in the map at right, reef sites are depicted as blue boxes—the SARS are the blue boxes outside of the planning areas. There are 22 SARS established or permitted, but a moratorium was established on new SARS in 2008.

If this moratorium were lifted, there could be more of these reefs sites created outside of the planning areas. Because these reef sites have the potential to impact shrimpers, we seek to inform shrimpers of our efforts and solicit their comments using the form below.  You may also contact Mike McDonough at LDWF directly with questions or input: (225) 763-5418.

This page offers some general facts about proposed artificial reef planning areas; for full details about this program, please visit the artificial reef page on the LDWF website.

LDWF artificial reef map

Upcoming Event:  Louisiana Artificial Reef Council Meeting, April 10, 2017, LDWF Headquarters in Baton Rouge

The Program is responsible for notifying regulatory agencies: US Army Corps of Engineers, Coast Guard, and National Ocean Service (NOS) of the construction and completion of all artificial reefs. The NOS charts artificial reefs upon completion, and these charts/maps are available online and through various services. We will likewise work with the Department of Natural Resources to ensure the location and size of each reef are broadcast to all fishermen.

Contact Us About Proposed Reef Sites

  • Please let us know any comments, concerns or questions you may have about these proposed sites.
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