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Connect With Us At Summit

Reach key players in the Gulf seafood industry at Summit.  This free, one-day event is structured as an expo, with an open trade show and ongoing demonstrations repeated throughout the day.

This format will allow vendors to interact directly with participants, and focus more intently on usable, educational content.


Partner With Us

  • Give a hands-on demonstration.  Use an in-person demonstration or training to network directly with your target audience, or
  • Offer a trade show display.  We are looking for expo participants who have information of benefit to the seafood community; examples include:

• Vessel maintenance techniques
• Refrigeration and/or freezing systems
• Onboard safety equipment
• Fuel efficient technology
• Storage or shipping containers
• Advanced commercial fishing gear

LA Fisheries Forward Summit 2016
Group listening to demonstration from helicopter pilots
Men getting demonstration at a booth at the LFF Summit

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