Crab Task Force Meeting


June 8, 2016
group of Louisiana blue crabs

Crab Task Force Meeting

01:00 pm - 03:00 pm @

Pete Gerica, Chairman
Wednesday, June 8 at 1:00 p.m.
UNO Advanced Technology Center
2021 Lakeshore Dr., Room 210
New Orleans, Louisiana 70122

I.     Roll Call and Introduction of Guests

II.    Approval of April 5, 2016 meeting minutes and June 8, 2016 agenda

III.   Financial Report

IV.   Old Business

A.     Discussion of Management Options- Jeff Marx
New Business
A.     Update on Sustainability Certification- Damon Morris
B.     Discussion of 2016 Blue Crab Stock Assessment and Additional Analyses of the Estimated Impacts of Potential Rule Changes- Jeff Marx
C.     Update on Commission Meeting Items
D.    Discussion of the Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board’s Summary of Efforts, Funding- Karen Profita
E.     Discussion of Black Drum Regulations and Issues that Protect Smaller Crab Population- Emery Lebouef
F.     Discussion and Proposed funding of Industry Congressional Staff Tour- Chalin Delaune

VI.     Public Comment

VII.    Set Next Meeting

VIII.   Adjourn