LDWF to Close Oyster Harvest in a Portion of the Public Oyster Seed Grounds East of the Mississippi River

sacks of oysters with shucking tool and gloves on top

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) will close oyster harvest in a portion of the public oyster seed grounds east of the Mississippi River, north of the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet, and within the Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) Shellfish Harvest Areas 2 & 3, one half-hour after…

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The LWFC Amends Notice of Intent Modifying Spotted Seatrout Size And Bag Limits

four men fishing from inshore charter boat

The Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission (LWFC) amended the Notice of Intent (NOI) to change spotted seatrout size and bag limits.  The commission proposes to amend the original Notice of Intent to a minimum size limit of 13 inches and establish a maximum size limit of 20 inches with an allowance for…

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NOAA Fisheries Announces Increase to Red Grouper Catch Limits in the Gulf

red grouper swimming along sea bottom

Key Message: NOAA Fisheries announces the final rule for a framework amendment to the Fishery Management Plan for Reef Fish Resources of the Gulf of Mexico. This framework amendment and final rule will revise the overfishing limit, acceptable biological catch, annual catch limits, and annual catch targets for Gulf of Mexico…

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Gulf Council Recommends Increasing Vermilion Snapper Catch Limits

Fresh vermilion snapper on ice

The Council took final action on a Framework Action to increase the vermilion snapper overfishing limit, acceptable biological catch, and annual catch limit. The most recent stock assessment (SEDAR 67, 2020) determined that the stock is not overfished nor experiencing overfishing. In addition to incorporating new recreational catch and effort…

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Commercial and Recreational Closure of Mid-water Snapper in Federal Waters

fishing rods on a boat

What/When: Commercial and recreational harvest of mid-water snapper in Gulf of Mexico (Gulf) federal waters will close at 12:01 am, local time, on September 18, 2021. The mid-water snapper complex consists of blackfin snapper, queen snapper, silk snapper and wenchmen. Commercial and recreational harvest will reopen January 1, 2022. Why This…

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Commercial Gillnet Harvest of King Mackerel in Southern Zone-Federal Waters Closed

king mackerel swimming

Commercial gillnet harvest of king mackerel in federal waters of the Gulf of Mexico Southern Zone closed at 12 p.m., local time, on January 28, 2021. Commercial king mackerel gillnet harvest will reopen at 6:00 a.m., (local time) on January 18, 2022. The Gulf of Mexico Southern Zone includes federal waters…

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LDWF Announces Fall Inshore Shrimp Season Opening

LDWF map of fall inshore shrimp opening areas

The Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission has set the opening dates for the fall inshore shrimp season based on information provided by Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries biologists, input from the Louisiana Shrimp Task Force, and public comments. Season openings are as follows: The portion of state inside waters…

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