Fall Inshore Shrimp Season to Close in a Portion of State Waters


shrimp in ice Louisiana

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries announces that the 2023 fall inshore shrimp season will close as follows:

The portion of Zone 1 from the Mississippi/Louisiana state line westward to the eastern shore of South Pass of the Mississippi River to close at official sunset on February 2, 2024, except for the following areas:

  • The open waters of the Louisiana portion of Mississippi Sound: beginning at a point on the Mississippi/Louisiana state line at 30 degrees 10 minutes 21.95 seconds north latitude, 89 degrees 26 minutes 12.99 seconds west longitude; thence southerly to a point at 30 degrees 08 minutes 03.07 seconds north latitude, 89 degrees 26 minutes 27.05 seconds west longitude; thence southwesterly to a point at 30 degrees 04 minutes 40.57 seconds north latitude, 89 degrees 28 minutes 46.59 seconds west longitude; thence southeasterly to a point on the western shore of Three-Mile Pass (30 degrees 03 minutes 00.00 seconds north latitude, 89 degrees 22 minutes 23.00 seconds west longitude); thence northeasterly to a point on Isle Au Pitre (30 degrees 09 minutes 20.50 seconds north latitude, 89 degrees 11 minutes 15.50 seconds west longitude), which is a point on the double–rig line as described in R.S. 56:495.1(A)2; thence northerly along the double-rig line to the Mississippi/Louisiana state line (30 degrees 12 minutes 37.90 seconds north latitude, 89 degrees 10 minutes 57.97 seconds west longitude); thence westerly along the Mississippi/Louisiana state line to the point of origin; and
  • The open waters of Breton and Chandeleur Sounds as bounded by the double-rig line described in R.S. 56:495.1(A)2.

See above or click here for a map of closure areas.

Recent biological sampling conducted by the department indicates that the average white shrimp size within these portions of state inside waters is smaller than the minimum possession count allowed by law. A closure is needed to protect the small white shrimp in these waters and provide an opportunity for growth to larger and more valuable sizes. R.S. 56:498 provides that the possession count on saltwater white shrimp for each cargo lot shall average no more than 100 (whole specimens) per pound except during the time period from October 15 through the third Monday in December.

The department will continue monitoring the remaining open areas and close them when biologically appropriate. Notice of any opening, delaying or closing of a season by the secretary will be made by public notice at least 72 hours prior to such action.

For more information, contact Peyton Cagle at (337) 491-2213 or [email protected].