From USCG, Morgan City: Hurricane Seasonal Alert


fishing boats

The Coast Guard in Morgan City reminds all docks under a tropical storm warning that all debris and oil containers must be removed from the area. This debris in a storm can have an environmental impact and can pose a hazard to mariners on the water.  Anytime a storm enters or forms in the Gulf fishermen can expect the Coast Guard to conduct patrols.  It is recommended to clean the docks to prevent any issues with the USCG.

Coast Guard members may also suggest doubling up the lines on any vessels. They will not tell you how to do this (specific mooring procedures) and it
is a recommendation.

The Coast Guard will also broadcast Notice to Mariners if any waterways are closed in anticipation of a storm.  If a waterway is closed, do not get underway.  After a storm the Coast Guard will do a damage assessment to those closed waterways to determine the navigability and will broadcast if
the area has been opened.

Read the attached Hurricane Seasonal Alert.


800 DAVID DR RM 232
Primary Phone: 985-380-5320
Emergency Phone: 985-380-5320
Fax Number: 985-385-1687
Contact Us Response Phone: 985-380-3254
Incident Mgmt. Phone: 985-380-5318
Enforcement Phone: 985-380-5378
Prevention Phone: 985-380-5352
Inspection Phone: 985-380-5353
Investigations Phone: 985-380-5308
Waterways Management Phone: 985-380-5334
Commercial Fishing Vessel Phone: 337-852-1220
Facility Inspection Branch Phone: 985-380-5345