Harvester and Processor Recommendations for Handling Seafood during Pandemic


LSU AgCenter and Louisiana Sea Grant developed a guidance document (in English and Spanish) for seafood processors to keep their workers safe during the COVID-19 pandemic: Guidance for Seafood Processing Plants During COVID-19, and Respuesta a Emergencia de Salud Pública para Procesadores de Pescado y Mariscos durante COVID-19.  They can also be found on the Processors page of this website along with other COVID-19 resources.

The document covers:

  • How to identify high risk areas
  • Employee health
  • How to disinfect properly
  • Recommended concentrations of disinfectant
  • Preparing employee common areas
  • How to minimize risk of spread
  • How to handle an employee who has been exposed to a positive individual

LDWF, LSU AgCenter, and Louisiana Sea Grant have produced a handout (in English and Spanish) for commercial seafood harvesters to consider when handling seafood: Safety and Information for Fishermen During COVID-19 Pandemic and Seguridad e Información de la Pesca durante emergencias de salud pública.  These suggested handling techniques will help provide confidence to seafood buyers at all levels of the supply chain.

The handout includes tips covering:

  • What disinfectants may be used
  • Considerations when selling directly to the public
  • How to safely use alcohol as a disinfectant
  • How frequently to disinfect
  • Resources for impacted businesses
  • Status of commercial fisheries