LWFC Passes a Notice of Intent to Update the Domesticated Aquatic Organism Rules


image of fishing net laying on a dock

The Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission approved a Notice of Intent (NOI) to update the Domesticated Aquatic Organism (DAO) rules and add species to the list of permitted species.

The NOI proposes the addition of four groups to the approved DAO list and removes some that are no longer under LDWF jurisdiction.  Legally permitted aquaculture facilities will be able to produce Cocohoe Minnows, Koi, Goldfish, Rainbow Trout, freshwater prawns and aquarium livestock species including Fancy Guppies, species of bristlenose catfish and species of African rift lake cichlids.  This will allow the development of additional aquaculture business in Louisiana while providing safeguards to assist in protecting native fish species.  The NOI also increased the bond on existing tilapia permits to provide additional safeguards for Louisiana fisheries.

View the full notices of intent here.

Public comment on the NOI will be accepted until July 6, 2021. Comments may be directed to Rob Bourgeois, LDWF Fisheries Division, P.O. Box 98000, Baton Rouge, LA., 70898-9000 or via e-mail to [email protected]. For more information, contact Rob Bourgeois at 225-765-0765 or [email protected].