Blue Crab Harvest Regulations for 2019


blue crabs in barrel

Proposed Changes:

Harvest of Female Blue Crabs to Close September 9 – October 13

The recreational and commercial take (or possession) of female blue crabs from state waters is prohibited during this time. This regulation replaces all previous closures and restrictions on the harvest of female blue crabs, including the 2019 spring closure set for March through April.

A commercial fisherman may keep an incidental take of female crabs in an amount not to exceed 2% of the total number of crabs possessed.

Ban on Harvest of Immature Female Blue Crabs

Set to expire January 1, 2020, proposed regulations would make this ban permanent.

There is still time to make your VOICE HEARD!  The deadline to submit comments to LDWF is December 4, 2018; email [email protected].

Current Commercial Regulations in Effect:

Ban on Harvest of Immature Female Blue Crabsillustration of immature female crab

  • No commercial harvest of immature females, regardless of size
  • 2% allowance in crates; work or cull box exempt
  • Exemption for softshell crab; must be in peeler/buster box


Crab Trap Escape Rings Requirement

  • Each crab trap must have at least 3 escape rings, 2 3/8thinches in inside diameter
  • At least 2 must be in the upper chamber
  • They must be placed on vertical outside walls; rings in upper chamber must be flush (or even with) the baffle & rings in lower chamber must be flush with the trap floor


Download the 2019 Blue Crab Harvest Regulations Flyer

Download the Crab Trap Escape Rings Flyer