Crab & Shedding Workshop in St. Bernard


April 24, 2018
blue crab

Crab & Shedding Workshop in St. Bernard

11:00 am - 03:00 pm @


Louisiana Fisheries Forward will hold a workshop on the blue crab industry and crab shedding on April 24, 11 am – 3 pm, at the Los Islenos Museum, 1345 Bayou Rd., St. Bernard, LA 70085.  Lunch is included with advance registration.

This workshop will cover key topics for crab fishermen, shedders and anyone else interested in the crab industry.  Specific topics include:

  • Crab regulation changes and 2019 options
  • Catching and handling peelers
  • Soft shell crab shedding system demo and maintaining water quality
  • Shedding history and value, crab biology and research
  • Louisiana Direct Seafood: value-added & direct marketing

To register or for more information, contact:

Dominique Seibert (504) 458-2397

Julie Lively (225) 578-0771

Carol Franze (985) 875-2635