Delcambre Shrimp Industry Workshop


March 24, 2015
raw Louisiana shrimp

Delcambre Shrimp Industry Workshop

09:00 am - 01:30 pm @

Regulations, handling techniques and gear requirements in the shrimp industry continue to evolve.  This workshop will provide the latest industry updates specific to shrimpers in the Vermilion Bay area, including new technology, best practices for quality and handling, and safety news and regulations.

Louisiana Sea Grant will also present the latest findings from their black spot/chem-free research.  Morning coffee and lunch provided (registration opens at 8:30 am).  Tentative agenda topics include:

  • Shrimp Updates – Price and Harvest Statistics, Disease and Antibodies Updates, Source of Shrimp Now
  • Safe Harbor Project
  • US Coast Guard Vessel Requirements
  • Evaluation of Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs)
  • NOAA Regulation and Updates
  • Updates on Current Studies of Black Spot, Chem free, Additives, etc.
  • Importance of Shrimp Quality: Air Circulation in the Hull and Ice Technology
  • Proper Brining Technique with Smaller Shrimp Sack
  • Processor’s Perspective on Shrimp Quality and Pilot Program Announcement
  • LDWF Enforcement Talk
  • Louisiana Fisheries Forward Program and Other Opportunities
  • US Coast Guard Fire Fighting Demonstration
  • Ice and Refrigeration Technology Demonstration

Join us at:  Shrimp Festival Building, 411 East Main St. • Delcambre, LA 70528


For questions, contact:

Mark Shirley, (337) 898-4335

Thu Bui, (337) 828-4100 ext. 300