New Commercial Shrimpers Encouraged to Begin License Application Immediately


shrimp boat in Gulf of Mexico at dusk

Due to the recent office closures to the public, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) encourages new shrimpers to apply for their licenses immediately. LDWF staff are available to process their mailed applications. The department is issuing this reminder so new license applicants will have their licenses in-hand prior to the start of the spring shrimping season. With the recent mild winter, we want all shrimpers prepared for the spring inshore shrimp season.

Existing license holders may renew their licenses online.

Below is a summary of how commercial fishermen can secure their 2020 commercial licenses.

New commercial applications

  • Mail –  payment methods accepted are: check, cashier’s check and money order
  • Email – may be sent with all required documents scanned and attached
    • Licensing staff will reach out by phone to collect payment by credit card, and will confirm that it is LDWF staff by providing information from your application. If you receive a phone call that you are concerned about, you can call Commercial Licensing at (225) 765-2898.


Mail to:

Commercial Licensing
PO Box 98000
Baton Rouge, LA 70898